About Me

Max Roth  -born 1948 – Zürich, Switzerland

Started with birdwatching since more than 5o years. As a Chemist I owned a private laboratory for chemical analysis in the environmental field until end of the year 2000. Then I get early retired, except for some consulting mandates.

In 1970 /71,  I begann with nature photography during a stage in South Africa and 1998,  I started with video, especially on birds and mammals.

1991 – 2015

Many stages in Costa Rica, where I also have been leading tours for bird watchers.

A lot of sequences are taken in Nosara, where I started up and owned the Reserva Biologica Nosara, just next to the Hotel Lagarta Lodge.

1973 – 2015

Different trips throughout Europe, Africa and other Continents.

Special trips:


Cruise around Svalbard


Cruise  Ushuaia – Falkland Islands – South Georgia Islands – Antarctic Peninsula – Ushuaia

05.2007 – 10.2007

Travel with a campmobil through Canada, Alaska and the northern States from USA.

04.2005 – 10.2005

Travel with a campmobil through Australia.

09.2001 – 06.2002

Travel with a campmobil through South America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Brasil.